Monday, August 22, 2011

Boy Cushion with Spectacles - Nick

Hi there, I’m guessing you want to know how Public Garden went on Saturday? It was great! The turnout was good and I got to chat with friends I knew only online previously, blog readers, friends I haven’t seen for a while, friends’ friends, other creative/entrepreneurial folks. One of the highlights was having people coming over and saying that they came specially after seeing my feature in the papers yesterday!

Public Garden

[image source: Public Garden]

My Run of Mill zine sold out yesterday and I was berating myself for not taking more copies with me! If you missed out on it, I have it in my online shop here. Oh, if you came to this blog after our meeting at Public Garden/MAAD, welcome! I hope you like it here :)

After 2 markets, things are a little more back to normal this week. I’ve just listed a new cushion in the shop. I think you’ll like this boy cushion with spectacles, Nick! Click on over to see more of Nick!


Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Dearest sweet sandy, such fun!! I wish i could go too! I am so HAPPY for you and so glad everything turned out awesome. :) COngratz once again on your success!! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


  2. I love Nick! You are making it very hard for me to decide which one of your gorgeous cushions to buy. I was ready to buy Moustache George, but I may have just changed my mind... :)

  3. Sarah: Haha, tx for your kind words. I'll slow down a little so you can decide :p


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