Friday, November 12, 2010

[Tokyo Trip] - Kichijoji

I’m going to show you some cool/cute cafes and shops I visited in Kichijoji. This time, the photos will do the talking :)

My stomach had just started to growl when I discovered Sometime Cafe that is way cool with its vintage furnishings and located in the basement of a building. Very decently-priced lunch sets that are oishii! Live music at night.

Karel Capek Teatime Shop is cuteness galore! The friendly shop assistant was offering very fragrant tea and cookies for samples. They also stock some kitchenware and cards. I don't ever want to leave this place!

After shopping in the area, I stopped by Il Cappetit, a sweet little cafe for something sweet. They also have a small zakka shop with many cute items (small but I still found things to buy)!

I hope you're not sick of this Tokyo series yet? I'm having fun though!


  1. I see decorated latte pictures everywhere, but I never get sick of them, they're so cute! Can't wait for more of your posts :)

  2. It is fabulous seeing these restaurants in Tokoyo, love the old pay telephone and the Bentwood chairs.

    Happy weekend

  3. I wouldn't want to leave that 'teatime' shop either :)

  4. that first spot is so interesting! i love the texture to those photos.

    xo Alison

  5. wow, I love the decoration of cafe! Old telephone is beautiful!! lovely to have a cup to tea.. Thank you for sharing photos! Great discovery!

  6. Dearest sandy, i love that tea time shop!! How adorable and gorgeous!! Loving the decortations too! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  7. This is so lovely.
    I'm floored by that bear print on the coffee foam! So adorable!

  8. So great to see this post on Kichijoji, I lived there for a year, it is such a great place!


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