Wednesday, October 13, 2010

[Guest Post] Window Shopping With Miles Of Style

Hello lovely Cookie Cutters! I’m Persis from Miles Of Style, filling in for Sandy while she’s travelling around Tokyo!

Today I’d like to share with you all some beautifully designed, simple, eco-friendly home accessories from Canvas.

Hand felted cushion covers

Papier Mache dustbins handmade from recycled paper

Hanging Ceramic Lamps

Soap dishes made from citrus fruit branches yielding no fruits

Picture frames hand felted in Nepal

Bench made from reclaimed wood

These gorgeous items (sourced through fair trade from artisans across the world) are so easy on the eyes and timeless that a home can never outgrow them.

To see Canvas’s entire range of products click here. Thank you for having me over. If you liked what you saw come and drop by my blog sometime. Have a fabulous day ahead. xo.

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  1. those picture frames are absolutely adorable. perfect for a baby's room...


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