Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Let Loose - Uuu...Shooop!!!

For those who celebrates 4th July, I hope you had a wonderful long weekend. Yours truly however was nursing a sore throat all weekend. Neither lozenges nor awful tasting Eastern herbal drink helped. It still hurts and in addition, has turned into a slight cough and I’m feeling groggy. I hope to get well real soon because tomorrow is T’s birthday and I hope to be in good spirits and clear mind to celebrate with him.

You remember my recent short trip to Hong Kong? In between stuffing myself with all the mouth-watering food there, I spotted this really interesting clothing shop, Uuu...Shooop!!!. It first caught my eye because the apparels are of such a unique style! With its cotton linen fabric and loose outfits, it reminds me a little of the Japanese mori girl (森ガール) style. At the same time, the prints and designs are also really cute! I can imagine putting on these clothes and feeling like a free-spirited soul, enjoying the peace and simple pleasures found in nature. Recently, I found Uuuu...Shoop!!! online, so have a look for yourself! (Click to enlarge)

[images: Uuu...Shooop!!!]


  1. so beautiful and thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog!!!
    greetings from spain

  2. So beautiful !


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