Monday, June 21, 2010

Simple Everyday

Thank you to all you lovely folks who expressed concern over my fly saga (see previous post). I’m glad to say that except for the disgust which is still lingering, I’m pretty much fine :) Hey, I just added something interesting to my lifestory! :p

I bought vol. 20 of the Japanese magazine, Come home! and it came with 4 gorgeous postcards of photographer tsukao’s images. Shot in Serbia, I love them for they capture the simple beauty and joys to be found in everyday life.

I hope you have a happy monday!

[images: scans of tsukao’s photos]


  1. oh i love this! so beautiful. i really want to get come home! so sorry to hear about the fly! yuck & scary!!

  2. very nice, reminds me a bit of turkey, and the kitties are just so adorable.


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