Friday, June 18, 2010

A Favor for You

Something unfortunate happened to me while I was out on my morning run (consumed too much junk food in front of the telly yesterday night) today. I’m not your super runner who breezes through the distance like nothing. So, naturally I was replenishing my air intake with relish. Then guess what? I inhaled a fly (or some sort of flying insect) and because I was maintaining my breathing pattern, it went down to the back of my throat so quickly before I realised something just happened there! I didn’t even see the thing so don’t ask me what exactly it is. But I am sure something went down my respiratory system and got lodged in my throat! Argh, I coughed and tried all I could think of to get it out, while still maintaining my pace (hey, it’s one of days I managed to dragged myself out of bed, I can’t throw it all away). Thinking of those tiny little feet wedged in my throat made me want to throw up. In the end, I swallowed it.... What could I do? You can be sure this one is gonna make an entry into my doodling book.

Okay, enough of disgusting talk. I went to a young boy’s birthday party recently and adored the favors the parents prepared. Today, I visited Martha Stewart’s website after a long while and loved the many favour ideas they had. Regardless of whether it’s a wedding, shower, birthday party you are planning or if you are simply thinking of packaging ideas, these will be great inspiration!

Now, excuse me while I go gurgle Listerine for the 3rd time.

[images: Martha Stewart]


  1. ack, how unpleasant!

    lovely post :)

    xo Alison

  2. Hope you're feeling all better! Seeing those party favors just makes you feel like throwing a party right?

    Have a happy weekend!

  3. oh gosh! hope you're feeling better already. you doodle so good.

  4. Are you ok? Hope you are feeling better! These packaging ideas are great! Lovely!!

  5. Wow, funny story !
    Did you see this journalist swallowing a fly on live ? ah ah ah made me think of this video


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