Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Splurgeworthy Experience

I am a lover of Japanese magazines. It’s one of the reasons I love Kinokuniya so much. I willingly splurge because to me, buying these magazines is not simply a transaction process. It’s an experience! Ok, listen me out here. From the moment I decide that this is the day I’m hitting Kinokuniya for my fix, I start looking forward to that trip. The anticipation builds up at the point when I’m at the familiar shelf (I usually buy interior, zakka mags), knowing that I’ll be bringing home one or two (I limit myself) of those magazines there. Perusing the shelf, my heart beats a little faster when I spot the titles I want or something new and potentially exciting. I don’t browse the magazines too thoroughly because should I buy them, I want to savour the pages that are packed with gorgeous photos in the comfort of my home (chocolate in hand optional). After I’ve painfully shortlisted one or two, I gleefully carry my new prized possessions to the counter to pay up. Ahh...‘tis sheer bliss!

Have I whet your appetite yet? Since I’m guilty of that, I’m going to share a few images from a zakka magazine I got. Look at those pretty placemats, bowls and plates. I think they’ll even make my not quite chef-standard food look yummylicious!

Isn’t this recipe holder cute? Not that I really need it, I just want it!


  1. Those images are so wonderful! I also have to limit my Japanese magazine buying frenzy! Thank you for your wonderful comment!

  2. I am a huge japanese magz nerd and kino is my favorite book shop too! :) These images are soo pretty and amazingly beautiful! I am thinking of visiting kino during my lunch break! Would love to pick up a japanese sewing book. :) hehe Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


  3. I have never bought a Japanese magazine...I don't know if they even sell them here in Australia. I do LOVE the recipe holder, it is too precious.

  4. I love the recipe holder!!!! Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

  5. Those pictures are gorgeous !! I love japanese magazines too, I buying a lot them at the moment, ku:nel and come home are my favourites..


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