Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Path Less Trodden - Interview with Miss-Tic

It was a warm humid afternoon. I was glad I was in the cool respite of an air-conditioned hotel lobby lounge. Seated comfortably in the armchair opposite me was she. Jet black curly hair cascading onto her shoulders, sunglasses perched atop, sexy red dress with ruffles. I was here to interview Miss-Tic, French stencil street artist, who is currently in Singapore for her exhibition, Parisienne, part of the VOILAH! French Festival Singapore. Miss-Tic's work is known throughout Paris, and exhibited all around the world. In her earlier days, she had to play hide and seek with the police. She kept her identity a secret then, letting only her stencil art which popped up here and there in the streets to speak for themselves. In between smiles, laughter and ponderings, Miss-Tic had a little chat with Cookie Cutter. I picked her brains on taking a path less trodden:

CC: You were a poet, a newspaper critic, and a street theater performer. Why did you turn to street stencil art?

MT: Even when I was in those other jobs, it always involved the more alternative in those fields eg. underground magazines. I had already started going by the stage name, “Miss-Tic” then. I went to the States in the late 70s and got acquainted with the Hip Hop and graffiti movement. I took my new found love with me when I returned to France in 1983.

CC: And the rest as they say is history.

CC: Did you always have a talent in drawing? Were you self taught?

MT: I was always doodling even when I was a kid. I took some classes here and there. It was the same with writing, I’ve always loved it even as a young child.

CC: Do you ever find yourself in a creative rut? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

MT: We can’t always expect ideas to just magically pop up in our heads. I think creative work calls for a lot of hard work as well. I look for inspiration in my everyday life-- movies, music etc.

CC: Is there a message that you want to convey through your work?

MT: (in English) Freedom, love, eroticism. These are good energy!

CC: Was it difficult doing something unconventional and even having to hide from the police especially in your earlier days?

MT: Well, stencil street art was like a natural choice for me. And when you’re young, you’re rebellious, full of energy. I had lots of pent-up emotions, feelings and thoughts I wanted conveyed.

CC: What advice do you have for someone who wants to pursue a creative dream instead of mainstream occupations, especially in a conservative society like Singapore?

MT: Work around the system. There would be “loop holes” which you can leverage on. Find like-minded people for support. Then add lots of determination to the recipe!

CC: This is your first time in Singapore. What’s your impression so far?

MT: I’m finding it interesting, many ethnic groups living together. I love the food. Yes, even the spicy food! Not so much a fan of the humidity though.


I enjoyed the interview and walked away feeling inspired. It was wonderful to meet someone who fiercely lives the life she wants, regardless of what society dictates. I see in Miss-Tic someone who’s so comfortable in being herself. And because of all these, she is happy. Isn’t that what we’re all after? Happiness.

If you are in Singapore, Miss-Tic’s exhibition, Parisienne, is on at the Ion Art Gallery from 1 - 16 May, 10am - 10pm, admission is free. Check out for more information.

*Special thanks to Nabs for this.


  1. Oh wow, what an inspiring interview. I agreed with you, it must have been quite an awesome feeling walking away feeling so inspired by someone who never give up on her passion, and turning it into reality and recognition. The part on pursuing happiness, is so true.

    And Sandy, thank you for the visit. I am happy to have found this lovely blog written by a fellow Singaporean! I just read the post below this. I have always wanted to find the time to visit the Creative Escape, i want to learn some sewing! I bet your trip there was quite a creative escape!

  2. Fabulous post ! I adore Miss-tic !

  3. Oh what a lovely interview..I did not know of Miss-Tic so thank you...hugs for a happy weekend.

  4. No problem, it was a lovely interview! Glad that you walked away inspired! :)

  5. I LOVE this post! It's sooo inspirational! You did such a great interview!! Congratz! I didn't know of Miss-Tic till now thanks you so much! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!



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