Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random iPhone photos

I have a second post for today! Was looking through the photos in my iPhone and decided to post some random pictures which I’ve taken with it. They aren’t superb but I just thought it might be fun.
I went jogging this morning and forced myself to do some stretching to cool down. This little thing was sniggering at me from where it lay on the grass as I grimaced in pain (embarrassing note: since I stopped trying yoga, I can’t touch my toes!).

T bought me one of these bangles from Agatha last Christmas. Guess which one?

This is more for the local readers, remember this logo? I spotted it recently.

I don’t know why but I feel moved whenever I see old folks holding hands, strolling the park or hanging out together. It’s so sweet, isn’t it? This pair was sitting in front of us in Subway. Older folks here usually aren’t used to foreign food, so I thought they were pretty cool!

The very first plushie I made some time back. T named it Chatapong. I don’t know why he decided it should be Thai. So, we took Chatapong with us when we visited his homeland on one of our trips.


  1. Great photos and I love Chatapong! He's so sweet!

    xx Em

  2. Haha, Chatapong is so cute! You should totally make plushies for sale babe.

  3. Cute photos! And I feel the same way about seeing older couples :) And Chatapong is so adorable, he should meet my Tata-chan, the first plushie I made, except that Chatapong has complete facial features and Tata-chan reminds me mother of a butchered rabbit.

  4. I love seeing old people hold hands too..it's so sweet!! thanks for visiting my blog dearie! btw, add me on twitter! @ nabbycat


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