Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{Honeymoon] - Besancon cont'd

A collection of photos from the rest of our stay in Besancon.

The snowy landscape brought back memories of my time in Japan.

Wishing for longer daylight time. It was beautiful nevertheless.

Ignorant us weren’t sure what exactly is “vin chaud” but it said “warm wine”. Warm is good! We were wondering what the packets of sugar were for. I told T we should just put them in since they were given to us. Thankfully, T was a little more skeptical then me and tried a sip first. It was so sweet! Sheepish smile from me :p

Homemade pies and quiches for dinner! As you can see, there wasn’t just one pie, there was a variety!

And top it off with a galette since we’re still in January!

We're be heading off to Barcelona next! Stick around, ya?

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  1. These are great shots!! It's beautiful place to visit... Thank you for sharing !!!


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