Friday, February 19, 2010

[Fashion Friday # 9] - Youthful & Chic, Milly Fall 2010

You sweet people who left comments for me yesterday on my on-going craft projects certainly kept me going. My sewing machine was going cranky on me yesterday. Oh well, it has its moods. I hope we’ll be able to figure out what’s wrong soon. Meantime, I hope you enjoy Fashion Friday today. I’m sharing one of my favourites that was very recently sent down the New York Fashion Week.

Milly Fall 2010

Isn’t it fab? Mini skirts, tights in bright hues, polka dot stockings (!), the look is youthful and girly but still chic. Love the French touch offered by the berets! Who says fall has to all grey and black?

Yay, it’s Friday today. I’m continuing with the feasting this weekend. Dinner with the girl pals tonight and back at my parents’ on Sunday. You see, lunar new year is celebrated for 15 days! Maybe I’ll twit some pictures. Happy weekend, lovelies!



  1. these are all gorgeous!! esp love the last one. :)

  2. Fabulous pictures ! I adore them all !

  3. Why YES, Milly's collection is super! I like so many things about it, I probably shouldn't start listing them down.

  4. GORGEOUS! this just might be one of my favorites so far!

  5. Wow, it's a very eye-catching collection! Love the third outfit the best :)

  6. These are all gorgeous!!

    I went to Chinatown today and they were still celebrating Chinese New Year! I saw people dressed in red...

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  7. that gold frilly number looks familiar; interesting with fishnets. i like the last one. now i want white stockings with black dots. i'm sure it's yet another short-lived copycat phase :P

    thanks for dropping by. i'm taking in your travel photos slowly. i don't have much to offer for my recent trip. i'm waiting for my travel companion's photos, see if they're bloggable :P


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