Thursday, December 3, 2009

wearable sculptures - moa

A girl can never have enough of costume jewelries (ok, true also of clothes, shoes, bags...). No matter how many chunky rings (I l.o.v.e them) I have, I still find that I’m always wearing the same few. And it’s no simple task getting them here. I don’t know why but girls here seem to fancy cute dainty ones. I love huge ones with interesting details. To up the challenge, my fingers are kinda small. Chunky rings usually come in bigger sizes. I lament about the rings swimming around my finger and others usually say I shouldn’t get such huge rings when I have skinny fingers. But nope. No one or their comments will come between me and my love for chunky rings. These handcrafted ones I spotted today are quite cool, resemblent of "wearable sculptures":

Cheese and New York skyline. And they have adorable necklaces too. I think you’ll like the little birdie ones.

From moa by Ingrid Montoya. Availlable here.

[images from source. Via swissmiss]


  1. WOW these are really gorgeous collection! Thanks for the inspiration. :) I hope you are having a wonderful merry happy mid-week! Love to yoU!

    p/s: i am mailing out your wedding goodies tomorrow! I am really looking forward to you receiving it! :)


  2. Love the necklaces! And I can only pine away at wearing rings, I'm always getting myself into all kinds of scrapes that whatever I wear in my hands would usually suffer damage :). Thanks for a great find!


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