Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Picnic and new friends

Hey everyone, I wanted to tell you about my weekend. I had a really event-packed Sunday and one of things I did was pop by for a picnic organised by Sarah and Melly. I didn't really know anyone before that but armed with optimism, enthusiasm and the hope to connect with some like-minded people, I made my way to the Botanical Garden that day. And boy am I glad I did! It was drizzling but that didn't stop a bunch of cool folks from turning up. We had fun and of course stuffed ourselves with yummy food.

Cupcakes made by Zulaiha from Ovenhaven.

Melly's Ada who actually looks kinda like her. Haha.

Thanks, gals, for a great Sunday afternoon! Hop over to Sarah's for more pics.

[images: Caili and Sarah]


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