Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

It's the eve of Christmas eve! Christmas gives me this warm fuzzy feeling that no other festive day can. Because it falls at the end of the year, it's also the time when I pause to recollect on the year passed, resolutions made at the beginning, friends and family who have tolerated me for yet another year. This becomes the perfect opportunity to show them I appreciate them.

As much as I love the beautiful lights of the city and the decor that the malls have put up, I think one of the most beautiful way to spend Christmas is also at home, with the family, over a warm home-cooked meal (throw in a fire-place and it'll be most perfect). Regardless of how you're spending your Christmas, I hope that you experience the hope and joy of the season.

With all the wedding prep going on, I feel as though I've missed out on the anticipation of Christmas this year. But I guess it's not too late. So this will be my last post till after Christmas. I'll be back for a short while after that and it'll be the big day. So, happy holidays to you, dear readers. And I just want to add that I appreciate your being with me this one year. It wouldn't have been possible without you!

[images: Martha Stewart, Coco Kelley, We Heart it, Raspberry]


  1. oh, I have never seen pink x'mas tree which is so pretty!! Love to get one for next year....

    Wish you a merry christmas and happy new year!! xoxo

  2. Have a Merry Christmas! And wishing you all the best as you welcome 2010 as a newly-wed! :)

  3. I agree, Christmas is such a great time to spend at home with family. I love the two photos of the christmas trees!

  4. Have a beautiful, cozy and warm Christmas doing all the things you love and enjoy your break.

    Look forward to your posts in the New Year.

    Angela xx

  5. Merry Christmas!! :D I totally agree with you!

    There's always the next Christmas to fully enjoy it and you will be celebrating it with a new family. (:

    All the best for your wedding!! Don't get too stress, stress won't make you a pretty bride! Rest well and take care!

    Congratulations once again!

  6. Merry Christmas! Such gorgeous photos and lovely cookies! I hope it was bright and merry for you and yours. Love to you!



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