Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lovely DeArt

In a small city where the sleek minimalistic look is still all the rage (it’s so passé, folks), looking for alternative interior décor or furniture (meaning anything non-minimalistic) is no small feat. A foreign friend who has been residing here for about 5 years recently bought an apartment. He casually asked where he could shop for nice furniture and interior needs at decent prices. He knows there’s the ever-reliable Ikea but where else. “Yes, definitely Ikea! And then erm…” I was stumped! Yeah, sure there were a few places carrying interesting furniture but they usually exceed the budget of us ordinary folks. Embarrassingly, I couldn’t come up with another name! Me, the self-proclaimed interior lover! Sigh, there really is a dearth of such shops here and it results in many like me who end up with Ikea showroom-liked rooms/apartments. (We love the Ikea people but no, they don’t pay us.)

I was shopping around for some wedding-related items recently when I spotted this shop in Thomson Plaza. If you like country/Victorian/rustic/girly, you’ll be interested in Lovely DeArt. Stepping into this little shop is like entering into another space just because the shop looks so different from its neighbours. Not exactly huge but it is filled from bottom to top with items. Lots of pink and other warm colours!

Look at these lamp shades!

I am so in love with this sewing machine which is actually a sewing box! I still think of it every now and then. Sigh…

Like it? I blame my iPhone for these bad quality images though :p


  1. This is the shop I never fail to enter when I'm in Thomson Plaza. I love almost everything inside! Sadly, my hubby doesn't like them as much as I do, so my place would never be decorated with such beautiful items..

  2. Fabulous !

  3. I can't believe that such a place exists here... wow! I think it's all so dainty and cosy! I fancy myself more of an English Cottage decor style gal than anything! Thanks for sharing :)


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