Monday, December 7, 2009

[Diary of a Soon-to-Be Bride] - Countdown 24 Days

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? Busy? Carried out the craft project you've always wanted to? Had a lovely time with the family? For a while now, my weekends have been pretty packed. I started working on weekends and sometimes I feel I have no days for rest at all. It's non-stop adenaline pumping! Haha. Thankfully for this month, I have Sundays off work and I totally relish the break! But as you know, I'm planning a wedding that's happening VERY soon (last day of this year), it means whatever free time I have is taken up by running wedding-related errands etc.

If you recall, I did a wedding-related series earlier this year. I suddenly had an idea and thought it'll be fun if I post updates on my very real and impending wedding from now on. It will read something like "Diary of a Soon-to-Be Bride". I'll talk about the preparations that are keeping me busy, my rants and also the fun bits. What say you? Here's for starters:

Yesterday, we had an appointment with the florist to chose my hand bouquet. 30 minutes before the appointment time, I called the florist only to have her asking if it's ok that we come in 45 minutes later because another couple is coming at the same time too. We were already on our way and so I stubbornly refused to concede to her request. She then said she'll attend to whichever couple comes first. What??? That saw T and I speeding down the road, hoping to clinch the coveted title of "The-Earlier-Couple". We made it. So I chose my bouquets and was just a little annoyed that everytime I wanted something a little different or nicer, it meant topping up with more cash (I mean, the default options were hideous and I was left with no choice!). Singaporean brides-to-be, you have been warned! Hehe.

We also drove to our printer's to collect our wedding cards. Yay! Finally done. Except that he lacked some envelopes and we'll get them sometime this week. My parents have been hounding me over the cards and I'm glad I finally have something to show. We have 2 versions of the cards. A Chinese version which is pretty much the cards offered by the hotel we're having our wedding in. And an English version that is put together by yours truly. Of course, I'm biased if you ask which I think is prettier. Oh, and I personally rounded the corners of the English cards myself! Think 150 cards X 4 corners each. Yep, my thumb is kinda sore now. I held up 2 cards to T-- one with rounded corners and one without-- and insisted to T that it's clear what a huge difference the rounded corners make. He had no choice but to agree.

To reward myself for the hard work, I sat down with a bag of chips as we watched "V for Vendetta" on DVD. Eeek! There goes the wedding diet plan!


  1. I can foresee "Diary of a soon-to-be bride" is going to be my favourite series! If you don't mind, do share pictures of your cards, hand bouquet and gowns as well, would love to see what you have chosen. =)

  2. Ellos! I have been following your blog just recently. It's an amazing blog. Please do continue blogging!

    Weddings are just simply great and lovely.
    My sister got married last year and the whole affair was really fun but really chaotic! It would be nice to see another Singaporean wedding and to be reading about its progress. Anyway, please do share your pictures! I would love to see the flowers you are using and invitation cards! (:

  3. Sending you good wishes for your upcoming wedding and a long, happy, and healthy marriage.

  4. Thanks, girls, for all your well wishes. Yes, I'll post pictures most definitely after the wedding. But I'll also see what I can do for now :)

    Hi Jace, thks for your constant encouragement! Always puts a smile to my lips when I hear from you.

    Hey Tara, thanks for those really sweet words :)

    Hey Valentia! It's great to hear from you. I really love when readers say hi so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself all the time. More than that, I enjoy the interaction. So thanks for commenting and I hope to hear from you again :).

  5. Congrats on your soon to be wedding! I enjoyed reading this post!!!

  6. Good luck! Enjoy the last few weeks. Can't wait to see photos!


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