Thursday, December 10, 2009

[Diary of a Soon-to-Be Bride] - Countdown 21 Days

You know how I love shopping. Even if I were to walk pass the malls en route somewhere else, you can bet my eyes will be drawn to the pretty things in the shops as if they were each a north and south magnet. Without fail, there will be a squel of "that's so pretty!". But you know what? I realised that when pressed for time to buy something or when I actually have a legitimate shopping list, I have such a hard time buying! And then suddenly, shopping is not as fun anymore. I know! It's crazy, isn't it? Do you experience this? Please tell me what you do to get round this.

Well, this is exactly what has been happening. I need a pair of wedding shoes. The ladies at my bridal boutique have been very patiently telling me again and again to get my shoes soon (I always reply with a pathetic "erm...not yet"). This is so that they can verify exactly what length my gown should be made to. So I set myself a deadline of finding that elusive pair of shoes this week.

Brides in Singapore typically go for a strappy white pair of heels with some shiny, glittery stuff on it. Since I knew I was getting married, I've decided that I won't go for a white pair and no glittery stuff, please. Whoever said that brides can't wear coloured shoes. And I also want something that I would wear after the wedding. So, I went about the wedding shoes hunt. I visited LOTS of places. I must have crossed that undertunnel at Orchard MRT at least 4 tiimes on the same day! But no, no wedding shoes for me. You won't believe the heels in the shops these days. They are ridiculously high! I mean I need to actually walk in them, not just pose for pictures on the red carpet like celebrities do. By the end of the day, I was feeling exasperated more than anything else.

The search continued to the second day (yesterday). It saw me venturing outside town and then back to town again. And then, just before the "cut-off time", I found it! It's not what people would think of when they say wedding shoes. But I like it and no one's going to stop me. It felt right when I put them on and I like how it stands out. So there, the search is finally over. And boy am I glad! Oh, how does it look like? Here:

Yes, they are black (supposedly inauspicious in our culture) and not strappy or glittery. But I think it rocks! What say you? Any thoughts on how wedding shoes ought to be like? Ok, now on to the other things on my to-do list. Later, lovelies!

p/s Thanks for all your well-wishes in the comment section of the previous wedding post :)


  1. First of all...congrats bride-to-be! I'm sure it will be a fantastic...woohoo! I got married earlier this year, so I know how it feels as the date arrives...and when you MUST buy things it's true it's not fun anymore. Because it turns into a chore! I'm glad you found your shoes...those are the coolest ever!

  2. Wow, I must admit that your choice of shoes are really unexpected, but in a very cool way! I love it! Is it for your evening gown?

    Anyway, just in case you are still thinking of getting more pairs of shoes, you can try Leapin' Lizard at International Plaza. It's a customised shoe shop and many brides-to-be go there for their dream wedding shoes. You can choose whatever you like to your hearts content!

  3. I love the shoes! THey will look great after the wedding and also I'm sure on the big day. All the best as the count down starts :)


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