Monday, November 16, 2009

The Swing of Life

Is it me or there just aren't as many swings in the playgrounds these days? Being rendered too dangerous? If that's the case, I think it's a real shame. I mean, what's a playground without swings? When I was a kid, only playgrounds with swings deserved my precious play time. As far I remember, I've always loved them! Even when I hadn't learnt how to swing myself, I'll pester my parents to push me from the back. And the only words you'll hear from me were "higher! Higher! or "harder! Harder!" (yes, I do sound like an irritating kid!). As a result, we would have to strike a deal at the beginning-- 5 minutes only but non-stop pushing offered.

Imagine my glee when I learnt to swing myself! No need to beg and settle for 5 minutes deal! Once at the playground, I sprinted straight for the swing. I loved the exhilaration that rushed through me in the split seconds when the swing dived downwards with gravity. I loved how the wind caressed my face in those instances. I would close my eyes to savour the moment. When I did that, I felt I existed totally in that moment. On the other hand, at those points when the swing stood that its highest point, it gave me an elevated view of everything and more importantly, a sense of freedom. And I relished it.

As I grew older, I sat less on the swings. Less time for play, I got heavier... But once in a blue moon, when I spot a swing that looks like it can take a little more weight and there are no kids waiting eagerly in line, I get on it. And I found that my love affair with swings never ended. Sure, I was a little afraid of swinging higher. I felt ungrounded, insecure but with a few more swings, the little girl in me resurfaced.

That's so true of so many aspects of life, isn't it? We lose sight of who we really are, we lose our love for the unplanned and adventurous. We certainly weren't like that when we were kids. We hated structure, we dreaded following the rules. I really want to live a life that's true to myself and I think I can work on it by remembering how I was like as a kid.

What about you? What do you think? Do you share my love for swings?


  1. she taught him how to self swing 2-3 years ago at mount sophia.

  2. I agree with you on swings! And besides there was even a long line for the slide, so I always beelined to the swings. My best friend and I would do weird things like twist our seats around and around and then let go till we get dizzy or step up on the seat and swing while standing up. Ahh, memories.

  3. Hi han, never to late to pick up the swing I guess. Nice natural photos you captured!

    Hi Elle, yes, I do remember doing those crazy "stunts" as well. Things were so much more simpler when we were younger, isn't it? We had less fear.

  4. unfortunately i was a rather easily scared kid who didn't dare to swing too high, but luckily that changed when i got older. so today i can't walk past an empty swing without trying it out! i love them so much, it's a sure way to cheer me up :)
    i also like to swing as high as possible and throw back my head, so i can only see the sky while swinging.
    oh yes, and a stunt that all the other kids did while i was too afraid, was to jump from the swing when you've reached the highest point. it's actually quite dangerous, but i did try it out a couple of years back and it is certainly an adrenaline rush... :)

  5. Thanks for sharing, W. I think it's totally cool that you are trying things that you didn't dare to when you were younger! I think it's so much harder to conquer our fear when we are older than when we are younger.


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