Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My deer

This is my current animal fascination-- the deer. There is an air of grace and elegance about it. Perhaps it’s the poise in the way it wears those antlers atop its head. It's almost like a natural crown bestowed by Nature. And also a symbol of it's strength. Yet most of us would unanimously agree that deers are gentle.

That’s me as usual, always drawn to the paradoxical. Maybe because I am drawn to the beauty in the less straightforward. Or maybe it’s simply because paradoxes are a mirror of myself.

[image 1 clockwise from top left: Courtnery Brims, We heart it, Mary Virginia Carmack Flickr, Eating Ghosts Flickr, We heart it, unknown, We heart it.
image 2: We heart it, Lilly Piri, We heart it, We heart it, Dragonfly Flickr]


  1. Deers are really such a sweet sweet animals. :) Gorgeous picked of photos. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  2. You really picked some lovely images. They are so soothing :)

  3. Your selection is so sweet...

  4. Deer - The first thing that comes to mind is Bambi, it was the first movie that made me cry :) What a lovely perspective on the deer paradox :)

  5. These are beautiful images, inspires me for holiday cards!


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