Thursday, November 26, 2009

Inspiring Tags

I’m inspired by tags today, the usually boring kind, that is. You know, beige paper with a punched hole.

I think these luggage tags are actually pretty cool. Perhaps it's the typography :p

Look what some of these folks have turned the otherwise blah tags into:
Business cards

And letterpressed too! Laugh if you want but that impression actually makes my heart beats faster!

Pretty gift tags


You know what I love about the cyberworld? It’s when I see these awesome works by others. They get me creative juice going and stimulates my mind. Just like right now. I feel like rushing to start my own little project!

P/S It's a holiday on Friday over here so I'm going to catch up on my long to-do list. Thanks for spending the week with me. See you next week, ya?


  1. These tags are awesome! Have a wonderful creative long weekend! Oh and have a wonderful day and a great thanksgiving! Thank you so much for being an inspiration and always sending me love and support my way! Love to you!

    p/s: Your lovely wedding pouch and pillow are finally ready to ship out. I will be posting photos of the finished wedding pouch soon on my blog probly sometime today or tomorrow. :) I will have them ship out sometime next week.


  2. I love everything !

  3. It's amazing what a little bit of creativity can do to transform "boring" objects. Thanks for the post :)


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