Friday, November 6, 2009

The eighties not! - Balmain Jackets

It’s time for Fashion Friday! Hehe, I’m tempted to make this into a weekly column. I enjoyed the previous fashion-related post last Friday and am having fun doing today’s as well.

Ever since those Balmain peaked-shoulder jackets appeared on the runway for its Spring 2009 RTW collection, they have taken the fashion world by storm. And I’m so glad we continue to see them in its Spring 2010 RTW collection. If you’re thinking the embarrassing eighties, think again. These are executed so beautifully-- skinny sleeves morphing into a peak as it hits the shoulder--, they ooze with oh so much style! Perfect for folks like me who have non-existent shoulders.



  1. Oohhh, love these. Unfortunately for me, my shoulders are incredibly wide, and awkward. When I was a kid my Mum made us wear tops with the dreaded shoulder pads (please tell me I wasn't the only one!) and my brother would tease me and say that I looked like an american football player :).

  2. Waahh !!!! Fabulous !

  3. Th 4th outfit reminds me of "Lady Oscar" - do you know this cartoon?

  4. Hi Elle, wish i had some of your shoulders. I do think they're great to balance out the overall body shape and make the bottom looks smaller. Envy!

    Hi Stepahnie, I know! I'm still swooning. :)

    Hi Sarah-Lou, I didn't know Lady Oscar but I do now! I just went to google it. Looks interesing!

  5. While I couldn't pull these off (broad shoulders) I think they definitely jazz up a same-old jacket/blazer. Those last four images are great!


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