Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anthropologie Love

You know, I sometimes poke my nose around the Anthropologie website (okay, it’s more likely often times). I love the design of their website and needless to say the products are gorgeous! I browsed around today and saw way too many items that made my heart skipped. Here’s but a morsel:

I know I would be giving my iPhone the greatest happiness if it were to dock on this.

Maybe it’s a little too much to be splurging on napkins but these are different! They have woodblock prints on them!

Who would have thought I can be so crazy about an egg crate?

Guess what’s this? It’s a switchplate, my dear!

I tweeted about this Chateau lamp before but I just have to post it here again. Obviously, our love affair is a long one.

These beds! These beds! *Major swooning* They are all to die for but the first one REALLY captured my heart. And you know what? They all have lovely names (in order)—Forest Canopy, Dawning Lark, Calligraphy.

Sigh, when will Anthropologie REALLY ship internationally?

[images: from source]


  1. Anthropologie is the best! Love your selections! Have a sweet day!

  2. I found myself attracted to the switchplate for some reason! Thanks for sharing these!~

  3. Wow, the first bed is perfect!!! Love it!

    But you know, even if Anthropologie ships internationally, the shipping fee would probably cost an arm and leg...

  4. woow, these are all beautiful!! I love the cute stamps!

    Hope you have a lovely day! xo


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