Monday, September 28, 2009

[Weekend through the eyes of my iPhone] - #5

Dear eyelid (yes, you the right one over there, I’m talking to you. Don’t look over at others),

Why did you have to go swollen and puffy? And of all days, you picked the weekend! It was harder to keep my eye open because you became heavier. I kept feeling like I had been punched in the eye. Do you know how serious your actions were? Did you even consider the consequences? I had to stay indoors most of the time despite Mr Blue Sky’s beckoning. You should be thankful though that T was more than happy to play couch potato in front of the TV, read almost all the available broadsheets and freesheets and nap. As for me, I can handle this for a weekend but don’t you try acting up again the next weekend! Are we clear on this yet?

Your rather annoyed owner


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