Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Girls day out - Les Cakes de Bertrand

Hey lovely, you’re a little late for our girls day out. But it’s okay, I had myself an orange juice from the little café next door and watched the world go by as I waited for you. C’mon now, let’s go. The weather’s glorious today. AND, we’re in Paris!

You’re going to love this place we’re visiting! That wasn’t too far, was it? Look, it’s just in front-- Les Cakes de Bertrand. Finished the last bite of your croissant? Ok, let’s go in!

It’s like being transported to the past isn’t it? Oh my! The light from the chandelier is dancing prettily on the gorgeous wallpaper.

Look at all these vintage prints! It’s like looking at a grandmother’s photo collection.

I know you appreciate beautiful packaging like I do. So I bet you are swooning over the soap bars!

Oh excuse me while I check out the purses and bags over there.

Ah huh! There you are. Why should I be surprised? Got yourself some pretty notebooks, I see.

Well, well, that was lovely, wasn’t it? See you on our next date!

[images from source]


  1. What a find! These are so gorgeous, I think I sighed a couple of times while looking at the photos. :)

  2. Ok you got me there and omg i adore this place! Gorgeous items! I want to visit this shop! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely merry happy week! Love to you!



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