Monday, September 14, 2009

[Weekend through the eyes of my iPhone] - #3

Hi there, welcome back! Guess what, I gave it a thought and decided to make Weekend Through the Eyes of my iPhone a weekly series! I’ve already done 2 such posts (here and here) and today, I thought, why not? It’s been fun and I like that it gives me a chance to document my weekend as well. While Cookie Cutter is first and foremost a blog cataloguing all things beautiful (interior, packaging, fashion, wedding etc), I hope that it will also serve to document the adventurous, fun and creative bits of my life. This will be one of the ways in which I infuse it with my own personality and you might also come to know a little about the person behind Cookie Cutter. The second impetus to turn this into a series stems from something more selfish—it will give me more reason to get out there and do something different. I can’t guarantee that I will be painting the town red every weekend but I think its going to be fun! So, come join me on this ride, yup? Like the idea of this series? I’ll love to hear from you! Ok, on to the post:

What’s your favourite day of the week? Mine’s Friday. Because I have the entire weekend lying ahead of me. And Friday night marks the start of it! We had late night dessert (all brides-to-be go on a diet and I’m failing terribly in this). I fancied the presentation of the menu but it was this chunk of sweetness that stole the limelight! Saturday mornings mean sleeping in and then reading the papers. It’s simple but I like it this way. How often do you get to take it slow like this?

We headed to a little fund-raising event just after noon. Food was the highlight, thanks to all the ladies running the stalls. A bowl of local dessert—black glutinous rice with coconut cream—teased our tastebuds with its sweetness.

A trip to the Thieves’ Market was next on the cards. This is the oldest and most authentic flea market in Singapore. It is nicknamed as such because it was said in the past that stolen goods were peddled here. This is nothing like the flea markets abroad but I visit once in a while in appreciation of its unpretentiousness. Here, you’ll find elderly and middle-age men selling anything underneath the sun. It may take a bit of luck to spot something that gets you excited but it’s fun just to see this side of Singapore. Remember to pile on the sunblock though.

Being the typical Singaporean, going to the movies is one of my favourite weekend pastimes. It’s been a while since I visited this cinema and it made me nostalgic for the pre-multiplex era when cinema theatres were huge. Recall also the old times when movie posters were hand painted? I saw one being used as a decorative piece.

And of course, my mandatory stop at the bookstore to check out the interior magazines.

[click on images to enlarge. Dessert image from Little Corner of Mine. All others from Cookie Cutter. ]


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