Thursday, August 27, 2009

Simple & Beautiful - Ruiz+Company

If you’ve followed my little blog for a while, you’ll know that I have a thing for packaging designs. I enjoy visiting upmarket superpermakets. Of course I love food, but my real interest lies in browsing the packaging of the items at these supermarkets which stock imported goods. It’s akin to window-shopping for clothes! When I enter and see the shelves full of well-dressed items, it's happiness! For me, packaging is at its best when it's simple. I’ll look at the item and wonder: the design makes so much sense. Why didn’t anyone else think of it before? It takes my breath away.

It’s this exact feeling I experienced when I saw these products from Womo, designed by Spain’s Ruiz+Company. Simple design, simple copy. Head over heels….

[images: Ruiz+Company]


  1. I love packaging too... these are lovely! :)

  2. i love those second and third ones! simple is beautiful here:)

  3. WOW these packaging are sooo adorable...i want! Thanks for sharing and hope your having a great week so far! Love to you!



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