Friday, July 3, 2009

[Wedding Series 8] - A favor for you

I have been asking a few people around me what they think of wedding favors. You see, traditionally in Singapore, favors haven’t really been given much attention. There are 999 other things a couple has to see to in the planning process and favors simply don’t feature prominently in the list of priorities. They are usually more than glad that favors are part of the wedding packages offered by hotels when they hold their reception in the hotel ballrooms. And because the hotels generally obtain their wedding favors from the same few suppliers, wedding favors here hold no surprises at all—luggage tags, chocolates, miniature photo frames, key rings…(yawn). You attend a few weddings and chances are you’ll have a few of the same items lying around your house.

In recent years though, with greater exposure and awareness (credit goes to all the wonderful wedding blogs out here), couples are now paying more attention to details (favors included) of a wedding dinner/reception, instead of just going through it like a ritual. Here are some wedding favor ideas:

Cakes and pastries



Marshmellows and sugar coated almonds. I guess it’s obvious now that I have a sweet tooth.

Homemade goodness

I never thought of these but aren't fresh fruits a great idea? Healthy!

Cute miniature plants

Matches and sketchbooks

And now, to the crux of the matter: what should I prepare for MY wedding favors? A few friends have told me that I can never go wrong with chocolates while other lament that it’s oh so boring. What do you think? Any interesting suggestions that wouldn’t blow my budget?

[images from top, left to right: all from Martha Stewart Weddings, except 10 Miss Pickles Press via Ritzy Bee, 12 photography by Corbin Gurkin via Ritzy Bee, 13 Succulent Love Designs via 100 Layer Cake]


  1. A few favor ideas that I love:
    * my girlfriend gave out tiny jars of flower seeds with a little note about blossoming love...
    * my sister is creating a tiered table of honey jars made by our priest at his bee farm... the notes will say something along the lines of "love is sweet"
    * if you've got time on your hands, i love the idea of a personalized note for each guest, thanking them for their friendship, support etc. that's the real heart of the favor right?


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