Friday, June 5, 2009

[Wedding Series 4] - Tec Petaja Wedding Photography

I believe that a wedding is a once in a lifetime event and hopeless nostalgic me knows I will want to capture all its beautiful, awkward, happy, teary, funny moments. Moments that can never be experienced again. Memories can fade with time but those moments can be sealed forever in beautiful photographs.

I’m sure Tec Petaja Wedding Photography is no stranger to the blogging community. When I first got to know of his work, I went through ALL the images on his website and loved every bit of it. It’s only recently that I visited again and was delighted to find some new uploads. What I love most about his work is the dream-like quality found in some of his photos. Bathed in the warm glow of the sun, they speak of happily-ever-after romance to me.

Other than these, I am also drawn to some of his black and white images, like those below. They ooze with the appeal of old Hollywood glamour. Who would mind looking like a star for one night?

Check out Tec's website and blog to further feast your eyes.

While I’m not in the US and probably wouldn’t be able to afford this amazing photographer, I’m determined to engage one here in Singapore who will do a fine job of capturing what is likely to be my happiest day.

[images from Tec Petaja Wedding Photography website and blog]


  1. these are stunning, wow. i actually have never seen his work...but i agree. SUPER lovely!

  2. SO amazing. love, love. happy weekend to you!

  3. anything is possible... he may just jet-set over and capture your wedding moments!


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