Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chips not! - All Seasons Wild Bird Store

When I first had a quick look at the image below, I thought chips. Not just chips but premium chips.

Upon a closer look, I found out that these are ahem…birdseeds from All Seasons Wild Bird Store (see what being a junk food addict can do? It clouds my mind). But you can’t deny that the packaging is gorgeous, agree? I mean, even the shopping bags are so cute.

Designed by Imagehaus, these have totally changed my concept of bird food. These folks can pat their backs for a job well done indeed. They’ve managed to even whet the appetite of a human being.

[images from Imagehaus via sharesomecandy]


  1. WOW. You ain't kidding, that is the best packaging ever. I'm not even a bird person and this is making me reconsider that stance. (i like birds fine, I just don't go outta my way to feed them usually.)

    So cool!

  2. I am with you this packaging is fantastic! The bags do look like a snack item -too funny. Thanks for the ink -i will check out Imagehaus.


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