Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Paper and Plates

I love paper. Don't you? Check out these paper plates designed by Joshua Gajownik. Nope, they're not the flimsy disposable ones you get at the supermarket.

Cute huh? Other than the obvious function of carrying your food, I think it'll be great as a gift after you scribble a message along the lines with permanent marker. The one on the bottom left reminds me of my pre-school writing book where I had to try my best to write within the printed lines. Top left reminds me of upper primary when I wrote my compositions on these writing pads. Top right? I hate all things Mathematics related, inlcuding graphs. Opps, did I just use a strong negative word on my happy blog space? I know you'll forgive me for this.

1 comment:

  1. HI Sandy,
    I've been meaning to pop over for a while to say HI!
    Those plates are totally adorable, I could see them in my kitchen. too cute.


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