Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eat Your Tickets

Come enjoy some cookies with me? I've just put the kettle on for tea as well. Isn't the vase of daisies on the table pretty? I got them this morning from the market. They were beaming at me.

*Giggle* Delighted by these cookies, aren't you? Carbo and sugar make me happy but ticket cookies are cute! Guess what? I learnt that in Russia, there are 6 digits on transport tickets. It's believed that if the sum of the first 3 digits is the same as the last 3, you've got in your hands a lucky ticket and you should eat it. Hence, Art. Lebedev Studio designed lucky ticket cookies that I am sure would taste good too. Isn't that witty?

Oh, the plate's almost empty. Don't worry, I'll top it up. By the way, you look adorable with the crumb on your lip!

[images from Art. Lebedev Studio]


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