Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Japanese Fashion

There’s something about Japanese fashion that fascinates and intrigues me. Just like the amount of attention they pay to food presentation and packaging (think too-pretty-to-eat individually packed pasrtries), they do the same for dressing up.

The current young folks are able to put together ensembles that are so captivating, yet at the same time make it seem as though the pieces are simply thrown together effortlessly. The Japanese are great at layering. Heck, they probably invented it. I never knew one could layer so many pieces together (eg. a spaghetti top over a blouse) and look attractive. They abandoned the rules and expressed themselves their way, not the rest of the world’s. Being in Japan opened my eyes to what it means to express oneself through dressing. I recall a friend saying when we were in Japan that we could wear a skirt on our heads and no one would take a second look. We were both reveling in the sense of liberty.

[images from FrontStyle]


  1. hahha i just found your blog today too, how funny. love the japanese fashion! and your enid blyton post, the illustrations are so sweet. see you soon!

  2. Yes, the Japanese are very fashionable! We get a lot of them here on Oahu visiting from Japan and I am always amazed at how confident they are with their ensembles. They know their fashion too! Many of the girls when they are young, are already sporting luxury handbags. The men are very fashionable as well.
    I also think that they have the most AWESOME fashion magazines around also! :)


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