Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blogging My Way

Monday, 4 May 2009 (actually it's 5 May 2009 for me over here) marked the end of my 4-week e-blogging course, Blogging Your Way (BYW). That was my first ever e-course and it certainly set a high bar. I am so proud to say it here that our teacher is the amazingly talented yet friendly and down-to-earth Holly Becker of Decor8. I can't recall how I stumbled upon Decor8 but since that day a few years ago, it has become my daily bite. Even on days when I go on vacation, upon return, I always read the old posts and continue from where I left off. I enjoy reading Decor8 for many reasons. Its aesthetics appeal to me, I *heart* the images that Holly shares (eye candy!), she posts regularly, her style is one I identify with, I love the way she writes, she transports me to a creative world.... But most of all, I appreciate how supportive she is of small indie start-ups (which I really hope I can call myself one one day) and how she doesn't hesitate to share her knowledge and experience. 

So one fine day, when I saw Holly announced on her blog that she is starting an e-course, I leapt at the opportunity and without even knowing the course fee. This is coming from me who takes forever to make decisions eg. what shall I eat for dinner? Is the pink top better than the black? Out of 800 applicants, I am one of the lucky 207 who got into the class! From that day on, I looked to day 1 of the course with anticipation. I wasn't disappointed. I was the only one from Singapore and there I was, meeting people from all over the world! Putting myself out there and interacting with like-minded creative souls really fed my inspiration. It boosted my confidence when I tell people that I blog because I realised it's no trivial affair. Amongst the LOADS of precious lessons I'm taking away from the course, I think the most important would be the need to be authentic and true to myself, to dare to dream and chase my passion. I can't say it enough but "thanks so much, Holly!"

I was also very fortunate to be able to work with a group of wonderful bloggers who gave me constructive feedback on my blog. These folks have been really supportive. They are at:

For Your Inspiration - Mothers out there would enjoy Karen's blog which has some interesting series. 
Discover Interior Design - Kristin's blog is pretty and packed with beautiful pictures
Lolalina - Laura's blog would appeal to the girl in you
Magchunk - Maggie's character comes through in her writings and you'll enjoy reading it. 
When I Grow Up - Michelle is a life coach and you'll enjoy her unique and lively blog
Frozen Brooklyn -  For those who have ice-cream as one of their great loves
Sam's Notebook - Lots of great finds, lots of eye-candy
Sparkling Ink - Trust me, you wouldn't be able to resist the "droolingly-beautiful" food pictures on Tiina's blog and the accompanying recipes. 

So now, I am a member of the first graduating class of BYW Friends (I'm proudly displaying the logo on my main page)!


  1. High-Five to you, fellow Blogging Your Way classmate! Wasn't Holly's e-course the greatest! And we are totally lucky to have been a part of it! I am so going to miss that class! I'm so thrilled too with all the wonderful bloggers I've come across through her class! And I'm so happy to discover you and Cookie Cutter! You have a beautiful blog! :)

    Lots of Aloha,

  2. Glad we all made it thru together and had such a fun journey! Im sure all of us are gonna miss going to class. hehe But im very happy to have met you and i want to say thank you...thank you for being a friend! Love to you!

  3. Blogging Your Way was so great! Good luck at design/art school! That place looks really nice! I will be back to read more -I love Japan!

  4. thanks for sharing all the blog links!

  5. You to, Sandy and thanks for mentioning me. I love your sidebar labels! It's been fun finding your blog; I'll be stopping by!

  6. Hi Sandy,
    Congratulations on making it through. Your blog is looking great. I look forward to keeping in contact in the future.

  7. Thanks Sandy for including Sparkling Ink in your post. Have a sunny beginning of the week♥



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