Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Harumi's Japanese Cooking

I am one who is head over heels in love with Japanese food. I thought I was having good Japanese food in Singapore until I went to Japan. And boy, was I blown away! Everything is delicious. Everything. My words here only do it injustice.

The freshest ingredients are used and food is prepared in such a way that it retains its original taste. Condiments if any, are used to enhance the original taste. On top of that, the food is presented so well aesthetically. The Japanese takes pride in preparing food. A proper meal is a holistic experience, not simply eating per se.

Now that I am back home, unless I pay a premium, the lackluster Japanese food I get is hardly satisfying my craving. I came across this cooking book, Harumi's Japanese Cooking at Kinokuniya a while ago. Harumi is a household name in Japan and this is one of her two cook books that is translated into English. I simply love it because it showcases Japanese food that is healthy, home-like and simple to prepare. Now, I just have to discover the culinary skills in me.

I should also dig out some pictures of my food adventures for a future post.


  1. I am also a huge fan of japanese food. And i know exactly what you mean that the japanese food we get here can't compare to those in Japan! I totally agree with you. hehe I have a few japanese cook books some translated to english and some not...each book showcase yummie easy cooking. Looking forward to your food adventures!! Do keep us updated on your adventures with your new cook book. hehe Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  2. You are a Jap food freak too? Yay! But I'm sure you're better at the actual cooking than me. I'm better at staring at the drool-worthy pictures. Haha.

  3. Yea im a japanese food freak too lol Nah my cooking aint that skill...still learning! hehe

  4. this looks lovely! i am definitely going to check it out. thanks for sharing. and thank you so much for your kind words on my little blog - so appreciated.

    off to also check out more of your lovely blog.

  5. simplesong: Thanks so much for dropping by. I'm honoured. Still a newbie at this, honing my skills, pics are kinda blury, so feel free to comment and offer tips.


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