Thursday, February 21, 2013

Envelope collages

I've been itching to do something crafty besides sewing and I'm glad I finally found a pocket of time to do so. Something that can be done in a short time, is easy and yet fun was what I was looking for. So I decided to do envelope collages! If you have a hour or less on a weekend afternoon but don't want to spend it in front of telly, try this! 

Here are some tools and materials I used which you may consider. For the paper scraps, anything you can get around the house will do. Varying textures will be great. Also snip/tear cute images you like. 

Envelope collage

Voila! Finished product no. 1.
Envelope collage

Finished envelope 2. 
An aside: See the bus ticket? We don't see them much around here anymore since we just tap our card when we board the bus. But smart aleck me forgot to travel with my card yesterday and had to dig my wallet for shillings. So, I heard the old familiar drop of coins and my ticket appeared! Decided to put it to use here :p 

Envelope collage

Happy crafting!


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