Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sew Searching - an exhibition

Hi folks, I mentioned previously that I have something up my sleeves and I'm excited to finally share this piece of news with you! Cookie Cutter will be having its first little solo exhibition-- "Sew Searching"!! 

(click to enlarge)

After months of working on it, we've finally begun the installation set up, and as we count down to the launch, I'm starting to fret all the big and small things-- what possible glitches there will be, what if no one turns up etc. Yes, worry wart, that's me. 

"Sew Searching" features Cookie Cutter's handmade plush toys and lifestyle products, and is curated by Yanda of donotdesignIn the face of cloned mails, machine regurgitated products and a prescribed route of convention, one treads a path fraught with challenges, when one does not want what many others do. This exhibition seeks to gather like-minded people to witness a journey of searching and the fruits of this search. It is an attempt to keep alive a creative community independent of huge corporations. We also hope to reshape how people consume and interpret handmade. 

Additionally, the exhibition features collaborations with 7 local creatives who share our cause. 

So please ,
spread the word
gather your friends and
come shun the mass market with us! 

I'll be there daily and I'll love for you to say hi :)


  1. Yay! Will definitely drop by!

    1. Thank you! Please do! Looking forward to see you :)


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