Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NEW! Book Cover-inspired Laptop Cases

I'm interrupting the ongoing [Melbourne series] on the blog to share with you the launch of some new items in my little shop! 

It used to be that being associated with school and books wasn't such a cool thing. But how times have changed. Preppy is the new cool! So go on, tell the world you love books (I do!) and do it through these handmade book cover-inspired laptop cases.

laptop case laptop case laptop case laptop case

The front of the “book” is covered in rustic cotton linen, with the book title and author carefully embroidered. The back is covered in a cheerful polka dot/floral fabric. The inside of the case is lined and padded. These cases come in 2 sizes that fit the 13”/15” MacBook Pro and other laptops of the same size. The smaller case also fits the 13” MacBook White and 13” MacBook Air. There is also a little additional room to store your accessories/documents.

To further indulge, I went on to make another design with my favourite quote from Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar. There are only 2 pieces for this design and they are only in 15".

laptop case 

All the laptop cases are now available here in my little shop. So go on, tell the world you are a book lover!


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