Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Am a Cloud - Cushion Series

Right now as you are reading this, I’m on a little holiday in Melbourne! Yes, I’ve prepped a couple of posts in advance, so you should continue popping in here. The frequency is lower but things will be back to normal once I return (looking forward to sharing the photos!). 
I’ve been working hard the days before I left for my trip and I’m thrilled to launch my new cushion line (you would already have got wind of it if you are on the mailing list)! 
Introducing the “I Am a Cloud” series of cushions! The cloud on each cushion is donning a different hat. The pom poms add cheer to the cushion and I love the contrast with the printed fabric on the back. 

I Am a Cloud

I Am a Cloud

I Am a Cloud

Hug it or snuggle up to it after a long day of work. Tell this little cloud your worries and grunts. It’ll tell you to smile and stay cool, just like it does. These cushions will add personality and quirk to your living space. 

Click on the links provided to see more!


  1. The cushions look great, very cute. Have a great time in Melbourne, it's a fantastic city.

  2. Ohh these are so adorable Sandy! Love the closed eyes and the little blush, and the pom pom too! Have a great holiday



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