Thursday, March 22, 2012

Japanese-inspired Plush

Hi there, if you’re subscribed to Cookie Cutter’s newsletter, you would have found out a few days earlier about my new line of plushies. We are entering Spring and during this season, Japan and its beautiful Sakuras are always in my thoughts. So, I proceeded to make this line of Japanese-inspired plushies. 
Onigiri san (rice ball). I gave him a pair of slippers to wear and he hasn’t been able to wipe that sneaky look off his face since! 

onigiri san

Tako san (octopus)

tako san


I’m very happy with the results and hope you’ll like them too. Hope over to my Etsy shop to see more of these fellows.
Happy Friday, folks!


  1. They are all adorable! You're so clever. I think I like Onigiri San the best.

  2. I think I'm in love with Tako San!

  3. Super cute! I would take Onigiri san too, I love sushi!

  4. aaa~~ !!!!! i love these so much! onigirisan, please be mine^^ xx

  5. Thanks ladies for all your kind comments! So happy to know that others besides myself am in love with these plushies :)

  6. oooh! I love onigiri san!!!

  7. Onigiri San is so adorable!!!! Great job! Did you handmade all of these?


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