Friday, December 9, 2011

NEW Plushie - Superhero Meng

I’ve been wanting to show you the latest plushie I made! Introducing, Super Meng! He wears a detachable superhero red cape and has cute freckles. All my plushies so far have got English names and I thought it’ll be fun to give this one a Chinese name! What do you think? Super Meng is available in my Etsy shop
I’m happy with how Super Meng turned out and am thinking of making a whole range of superhero plushies. Hehe!

Superhero Meng

On a separate note, I’m going on a short getaway this weekend! Hope to come back with some photos. If I don’t, it’ll be because I spent too much time lazing at the beach with a book in one hand, and a beer in the other :p. See you next week!


  1. Superhero plushies? good idea!

    Have a nice weekend on the beach!

  2. OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH that is tooooo cute. :D I LOVE IT!! And his detachable red cape. You're so talented!! Teehee my cousin's name is Ming (sorta similar) and I contemplated getting it for him. But he's a bit of a hot tempered bull sort. May not appreciate a cute freckled toy. :(


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