Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Run of Mill (issue 2)!

So, here’s issue 2 of my comic zine, Run of the Mill! I’m thrilled to say that even though I only recently posted it in my Etsy shop, I’ve already sold a couple of copies! I also had fun decorating the envelopes I packed them in with my MT tapes :)
Like the first issue, this zine is based on my real life experiences. It is light-hearted and seeks to bring out the humour in our everyday lives. This is explored through the theme of “running” in issue 2. The pages are filled with cute drawings and I hope they’ll bring a smile to your lips. Run of the Mill (issue 2) is available here.  



Posts on my recent Japan trip coming right up!

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  1. Dearest sweet sandy, your second issue of zine is looking so adorable!! I love that little girl. :)
    Thanks so much for your kind words on my little bubble space. Oh yes i plan on sharing photos of my craft table when it's less messy. Now is just so full of tools, papers and can't see the table top. Love to you!



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