Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[Shop Update] Dog Plush - Wolly

Eek! Are we already into August? (scans my mind quickly for what I’ve achieved so far this year) On the positive side, I can’t wait for these super warm months to be over. Sewing in my little work area, which comes with little windows, in the sweltering afternoon heat is no small feat. By the time I proudly hold my completed project in my hand, my face is glistening.

So here’s one plush I completed recently. Definitely felt warm but also happy! This is Wolly, who wears a top with Japanese prints. Some of you might have already met him on my Twitter on FB Page but I thought I’ll show him off to the non-followers over here :) Wolly’s available over here.




  1. oh cuuuuuuuute!!



  2. Thanks for popping by and for your sweet words :)


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