Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Embroidered Love Handmade Tote

So, I’ve been sewing quite a bit lately and I’m happy that it’s so. It’s something that I take delight in, especially when seeing the final product and having the satisfaction that I made it with my own hands! Lately, I noticed that sewing allows me to think about things. The same way runners think when they go on a run (I get that sometimes when I run. That is if I’m not busy thinking about how tired I am and how much more to cover).

Here’s a sweet tote bag newly listed in my Etsy shop. I hand-embroidered the “Love Handmade” because I thought it embodies so much of what I do. Click here for more details.

Love Handmade Tote

Love Handmade Tote

Love Handmade Tote

I’m working towards listing something on my little shop at least once a month :).

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  1. Love the dark red thread! Glad to see you sewing more :)


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