Monday, November 1, 2010

[Tokyo Trip] - Shimokitazawa

Welcome back! Are you ready for more Tokyo? You are going to love today’s post! Okey dokey, here we go:

One of my constant companions on this Tokyo trip is the Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide by the wonderful Miss Ebony. It led me to some really cute places! At the same time, I had also decided that I wanted to wander freely without having my eyes glued to a map all the time. I simply wanted to see what wonderful things and places I would stumble upon. This ought to be the spirit of traveling, right?

So on this particular day, I headed out for Shimokitazawa on my own. My plan was to head for the places I must go and then to stroll around freely. Shimokitazawa became one of my favourite places in Tokyo in no time. It was lined with lots of quaint and interesting shops!

I headed to Mois Cafe (from the Hello Sandwich Guide) for lunch and fell very much in love with this charming cafe set inside an old Japanese style house. It was quiet with soft calming music in the air. The room was filled with old wooden furniture and sunlight was peeking in from the windows. This place was like a respite from the outside world.

I didn’t do that much clothes shopping on this trip (too busy loading my luggage with fabric, zakka stuff, books and magazines etc.) but believe me there were lots of beautiful apparels that caught my eye.

Every bike I see in this country is so perfect! Major coveting!

Sigh...wish I had more time to wander around this lovely surburb.


  1. Those pictures are FABULOUS !

  2. Such a nice little town, so beautiful. So romantic...lucky you...

  3. I do love your blog....I so want to visit this area one day.

    Thank you for popping in .....I will try to come visit again sooner!!!!

    Happy November.

  4. You said I was making you jealous on my last post! But YOU are making me even more jealous with all these amazing Shimokitazawa cafes & shops!!! I didn't get to this Tokyo area when I was over there- so I will have to go next time I go. OOOOO! do post about all the books and magazines you buyed over there :)

  5. Many thanks for visiting my blog and it was lovely to come back and see yours.
    What wonderful photos you have shared, and looks like a fun place to shop. Love the cute bikes.

    Happy Wednesday

  6. That all looks so lovely~
    I definitely have to go there when I go to Japan. :0


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