Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[Tokyo Trip] - Loading my Luggage with...

Happy mid-week, lovelies! I’ve been going on and on about all the wonderful shops in Tokyo. Were you wondering what I got myself? I must say, going to Japan always stretches my wallet abit. I made sure I went there with a pretty empty luggage this time. Some of stuff I couldn’t resist were:

1. MT tapes. If you share this love of mine, you'll know that one can never have enough of them! Agree?

2. Stamps. I added to my growing collection on this trip!

Really love this cute one! Makes me want to jump into a tub too!

3. Handkerchiefs. There were all so beautiful, loads of designs to choose from! I kept seeing them in different shops! I exercised some restraint by allowing myself just 2.

4. Fabric. From where else but Tomato! It was a "must go" for me! (Too much of a chore to photograph them :p).


  1. I adore the stamps, I bought a lot too when I was in tokyo ! Did you buy some washi paper ?

  2. Oh how wonderful ... I love all the things you brought back.

    Happy rest of the week

  3. LOVE the stamps. so so cute.

    xo Alison

  4. Dearest sweet sandy, oh my these are gorgeous loot!! I love the tapes and those adorable stamps!! Oh and these fabrics are gorgoeus too! Lovely! Hope you are having a lovely weekend so far! Love to you!

    Dearest sweet Theresa, these are really gorgeous photos and such wonderful shots!! My most favorite part of fall is the colors! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!



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