Wednesday, October 20, 2010

[Tokyo Trip] - Afternoon Tea

If you are a Japanese cakes and dessert lover, Afternoon Tea must be one of those names that keep ringing in your ear. I first learnt of Afternoon Tea when a Japanese friend gave me a some of their products, all packed in a pretty box, last year (yes, I’m a late bloomer). I’ve been wanting to check it out for myself ever since and I finally got to during this trip!

After a very satisfying dinner, T & I were still craving for something sweet to wrap it all up and the Afternoon Tea in Shinjuku was so convenient for us! It certainly lived up to its name! I had a huge slice of the Sweet Potato & Pear Shortcake (1st pic above) while T had the Milk Tea (2nd pic). I thought my cake was simply heavenly and I turned to see T’s jaw dropping after his sip of the tea. He proclaimed it the BEST milk tea he ever had! Rats, I wished I had ordered the Afternoon Tea Set (3rd pic, available till closing) so we’ll get a pretty basket of sweet things on our table! It included the cake I had and a few others. I know I’ll be collapsing onto the bed a few hours later but who cares, right?

Afternoon Tea also sells ridiculously cute and pretty house and kitchenwares! Pity we went so close to closing time so I didn’t have time to look.

I’m organising the photos I took for posting and I hope you’ll enjoy them!

[images: Afternoon Tea]


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