Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ikea Cookbook - "Hembakat är Bäst"

If you haven’t already heard, it seems Ikea has launched a cookbook! Photographed by Carl Kleiner, “Hembakat är Bäst” (Homemade is Best) presents the ingredients visually by laying them out in a perfectly geometrical way. This cookbook with 30 recipes has earned itself the “cool” badge and has been winning fans over in the online world!

Word has it that it’s only available in Sweden though. Anyone has any idea on how to obtain a copy? Major coveting here!

[images: Carl Kleiner via Notcot]


  1. oooh...this cookbook's worked up my appetite for sure! looking fwd to seeing more of what's inside now.

  2. This is really cool! Total Carl Kleiner at his best! :D

  3. So nice !

  4. my fancy for Ikea just tripled! Do keep me updated if you find a way to score a copy :-)


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