Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dinner & a Tote

I made Japanese curry with meatballs and carrots for T’s dinner on Monday. Snappy and good. Heehee. I enjoy grocery shopping, cooking but DREAD the washing. Thankfully, T always does it willingly, while I get ready to settle on the couch (I’m a real couch potato!). Those of you who cook, do you hate the cleaning up too?

On a separate note, I still have one tote bag with me and have listed it in my little shop. Feel free to drop me an email should you have any queries!

I’ve been thinking and planning my crafty/sewing projects for the next couple of months. It should give me a goal of sort and a direction to work towards. Hopefully, I’ll stick to it :p! I tend to get inspired by random things I come across and feel like ditching what I’m working on at hand and dive into a totally new craft project. Anyone else facing the same thing? Surely I can’t be the only who seems to be interested in hand-making everything?


  1. yes i absolutely love cooking...but sometimes i feel lazy to chop the veggies. luckily most of the times i have a helper who does that for me. i absolutely dread washing and tidying up after a meal when she isn't around.

    that curry looks delish...and that tote bag is sooo cute!


  2. I love japanese curry!! I have never cooked them with meatballs and i will have to give it a try! Looks yummie! Your tote bag is lovely and soo sweet! Loving the emboidery! I always make a list..list of everything. One thing that help is also giving date lines to each project. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!



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