Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bento, I Love You

How are you doing? I had an enjoyable weekend :). Had the chance to go on a running route that’s new to me, did some sewing, indulged in desserts... I also visited Daiso. I LOVE Daiso. And was totally elated when they arrived on local shores not long after my return from Japan. Whenever I’m nostalgic for Japanese stuff, I pop in there. What’s amazing is the range of items they stock in there, all for a flat rate!

This time round, I was hooked on the bento section! They had all these cute little bento boxes and related accessories. Sadly though, I hardly pack my lunch to have it outside so there was really no excuse to fill my basket with these items. My time on the internet today has been spent on bento-related searches. Nosey me am always curious to find out what lies inside other’s bento boxes. I’m having lotsa fun and here’s a glimpse into what my eyes have been feasting on:

I wonder if you noticed that the bento in the 3rd image was definitely sitting on a furoshiki. You can tell because of the creases on the fabric. So authentically Japanese!

[images: 1-3 kota-s, 4-5 Yohei Yamashita, 6 1ldk110, 7-8 Wendy Copley]

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  1. i only recently discovered "Bentos" and the art of preparing them...i find it so intriguing a hobby! lovely collection of bentos here!



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