Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Taste Buds

We all change with each day that passes. I realised that this applies to taste buds and how adventurous I am with food as well. Can you believe that I used to be not very keen on Japanese food and I didn’t dare entertain the thought of popping something raw into my mouth. Of course, this has got to do with exposure too. I still remember the first time I went to a Japanese restaurant. Despite the wide array of food in the menu, I opted for ramen because I thought it the “safest”. It resembled local soup noodles that my palate was accustomed to. “Too salty” was my verdict.

It’s a totally different story now. Japanese food makes me VERY happy. I appreciate both simple Japanese home cooking as well as what they serve in restaurants. So much pride goes into the cooking and presentation. Don’t even get me started on my love for sashimi. As for adventurous. I’ve sampled cow’s tongue, sazae (a kind of shell fish), ika sumi (squid ink), shirako.... Are you an adventurous or conservative eater? Share my love for Japanese food?

Our dinner yesterday:


  1. Glad to hear you were converted! I recently visited a new izakaya and had some great experiences as well as an accidental revisiting of one of my not-so-fond memories from eating in Japan :P

  2. i'm so jealous of that dinner! great photos.

    xo Alison


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